Joselin Linder is an author and professional ally – or if not quite “professional” then certainly with aplomb. She was born in Columbus, OH, a city that is considered so incredibly All-American that it serves as a test market for many major corporations. She went to college in Boston, and then moved to Prague (accidentally since she meant to move to Spain but her geography was off). There she helped launch a theater company called Misery Loves Company that is still running strong.
                    Upon deciding that she no longer needed the challenges that accompany grocery shopping in a place where she did not speak the language, she moved to Northern California to work with a fledgling fashion company. Unfortunately, she was very, very cold, and no amount of free mesh jackets could solve the problem. San Francisco, while a lovely place to ride a bike, is frankly, bone chilling. So she moved to New York where one only needs a degree in networking to make it. Fortunately, Linder is a very good drinker, and thus, a fabulous networker. She worked as an assistant talent manager for Dakota Fanning and Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband for three months. Then she was fired. So she got a job as a glorified secretary at an awesome little indie film company called Gigantic Pictures. (Well, no. There is no glory in indie film.) Around this time she met a literary agent at an orphan fundraiser (free drinks) and wrote her first book pitch. And so, was born a totally by-accident writing career that has taken a lot of stoners and several businesspeople by surprise.
                    Linder’s “literary “ works include, The Good Girl’s Guide to Living in Sin and Have Sex Like You Just Met (co-authored with bridal and relationship guru, Elena Donovan Mauer for Adams Media, 2008), The Purity Test (St. Martins Press, 2009), Fake a Death in the Library (as Mae B. Expelled, 2009),  The Stoned Family Robinson (as J.P. Linder, co-authored with J.D. Wyss for Adams Media, 2011). And finally, the inimitable Gabe Zichermann gave her the opportunity to co-author Game-Based Marketing (Wiley and Sons, 2010), a brilliant tome collecting Gabe’s developing thoughts on the gamification of our world and strategies toward mastering it. Most recently, The Best Life List (as Dee Dee Clermont for Adams Media, 2012) came out with an adorable little Lilly Pulitzer green and pink cover that is certain to match your cutest winter-wear. Plus, it is an entertaining read, as reported by Linder’s mother, her husband (who watches football) and more than one cool girl that never would have been friends with her in middle school.