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Top 21 Reasons Why Everyone Hates Daylight Savings


1. You have to be everywhere an hour earlier.

2. And you get everywhere an hour late because you didn’t know you had to be there an hour earlier.

3. Everyone suddenly looks like these people:



4. Car clocks.

5. Oven clocks.

6. Clocks that are so sensitive to calibrate, you have to run through at least seven 12-hour cycles before you land on the correct time.

7. Clocks with something sticky on the winder-gear that makes it really hard (and gross) to turn and reset.

8. Greenwich Mean Time.

9. Less sleep = more eating: Read This To Find Out Why.

10. No one wants to watch The Bachelor at what feels like 8PM. That’s a 9PM show.

11. So is CSI.

12. Millionaire Matchmaker isn’t really ever appropriate but certainly never before 10PM.

13. Your spouse is a morning person, which means you get an extra hour of this first thing everyday:

14. An hour more coffee means more money spent on coffee.

15. Dogs can’t tell time.

16. Neither can many children.

17. Which means this happens everyday between 4 and 6AM.

18. Or this.

19. It is going to be even harder now to get to the gym before work making #9 even more problematic.

20. Daylight savings confuses cows, which might not effect you, but if you were a cow it would suck.

21. Everyone agrees, daylight savings  pisses everyone off except this guy who is just incapable of getting pissed off because he’s sweating to the oldies: